Episode 1

Gay Girl, Straight Girl

best friends, comedy, gay vs straight, series


Gay Girl, Straight Girl

By Ashley Gavin + Lee Hurst

A gay girl and a straight girl are best friends . . . If this sounds like a classic joke set-up, it’s because hilarity ensues in every episode of “Gay Girl, Straight Girl.” Ashley Gavin and Lee Hurst, who wrote and produced the web series, star as Gay Girl Ashley and Straight Girl Lee - BFFs who have a lot to learn from each other.



Episode 1

Battle of the gaydars.

Episode 2

Nothing tops off a run like a swim to the statue of liberty. On second thought, we’ll just take brunch.

Episode 3

Strap on a dildo and let’s get this bridal shower started amiright?!

Episode 4

Vision board inspo.

Episode 5

Texting straight guys is, like, so rewarding and stuff.

Episode 6

Read the signs: he’s obviously #gay.

Episode 7

Def swipe right for your ex-girlfriend if your only other option is your cousin.

Episode 8

We totes support eating locally . . . just not Gay Girl’s version.

Episode 9

Friends who do the walk of shame together, stay together.

Episode 10

Call Gay Girl if you ever get cold feet on your wedding day.

Episode 11

Straight Girl turns gay?! :O

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