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Real Housewives of South Boston: St. Paddy's Day

comedy, drinking, parody, sketch


The Real Housewives of South Boston

Lucia Aniello, Paul W. Downs + Jessica Elaina Eason

Paulilu Productions aka the comedy duo Lucia Aniello and Paul W. Downs parodies the infamous "Real Housewives" series except this time it's in Bah-stan (Boston for those of you who don't speak Southie). Created/written/produced by Aniello, Downs, and Jessica Elaina Eason. The not-so-ladylike ladies of Southie are doing their Irish ancestors proud in this St. Paddy’s Day special by celebrating in style: pregaming at a local bar, trying not to pass out from too much green beer and trying to *actually* make it to the parade this year.



St. Paddy's Day

These Massholes, am I right? Gotta love 'em.

Christmas Special

Many apologies to Danvers, Massachusetts . . . and to Christianity for the Tom Brady "crucifix."

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