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Do you need some guidance in handling your finances? You’re not the only person who needs some help from time to time! Blue Fevr’steam of financial experts have seen and heard it all. We’re in the business of helping you out, which is why we are proud to offer affordable personal loans.

Whether you need to fund a big expense or a small one that’s come up suddenly, we’ve got your back. Our personal loans can be used for any purpose, from credit card debt consolidation to funding the wedding of your dreams. We get you the money that you need, whenever you need it.

What Information is Required of a Person Seeking a Personal Loan?

Millions of people have benefited from taking out personal loans. This type of installment loan is often affordable in terms of interest rates and can be approved in mere minutes so that you can handle your important expenses right away. These loans have been used to fund many financial endeavors, big and small, with generally low interest rates and the convenience of online application processes.

If you are one of the people who feel that their life could be improved by taking out a personal loan, don’t rush to apply just yet. There will be information asked of you when you apply. For the sake of keeping the application process smoothly going and fast as it’s designed to be, make sure to have the proper documentation on-hand before you apply.

Personal Identification Information

Of course, a lender wants to know that you are who you say you are. This means that you will be required to give the lender some type of personal identification. The personal identification part of the process helps to protect individuals from identity theft. It also lets the lender feel confident that they are not being duped.

Forms of accepted personal ID include:

  • Passports
  • Government-issued photo identification cards
  • Driver’s licenses
  • Military identification cards
  • Social security cards

Verification of Income

Clearly, no lender wants to give money to someone who they feel can’t be expected – realistically, anyway – to repay their loan. Giving out loans of large sums with no proof of income leaves lenders vulnerable to an abuse of their systems.

This step also helps individuals to stay responsible with their loan. You will not be given more than you can afford to repay. Being unable to repay a personal loan can drastically impact a person’s credit, making other things in life (like buying a home) quite difficult.

To verify your income with a lender, you may be asked for:

  • Paycheck stubs from your job
  • Tax return forms
  • A verification of income, written by your employer
  • Alimony or child support payment documentation

Proof of Address

Different areas have different laws that relate to how loans are dispensed, so the lender will need to verify your address. This can be done easily if you live where you say you do. Ways that you can prove your address to a lender include, but may not be limited to:

  • Utility bills
  • Car insurance information
  • The lease to the home

Why Do People Get Personal Loans?

Taking out a personal loan can be a hefty financial decision, but it’s one that can really get you back on your feet when you need a helping hand. The challenges that life often throws at us can leave a person feeling stressed, and even panicked, when the funds they need simply aren’t available. This draws people to personal loans, which can be used for any number of purposes.

Below we’ll list some of the most common reasons that people cite for getting personal loans, as well as some surprising ones.

To Consolidate Credit Card Debt

It’s all too easy sometimes to let credit card debt get out of hand. With a personal loan, you can pay off these debts and then focus on repaying one instead of multiple. As a bonus, personal loans often have much lower interest rates than credit cards – especially if you’re trying to pay off more than one.

To Renovate Their Home

When selling a home, it is often necessary to make some fixes around the place before it hits the market. When homeowners do this, they can take out a personal loan and view it as an investment. After all, making major repairs and renovations could really drive up the asking price for a home.

To Pay Vet Bills

Pets are a part of the family, so owners want to make sure that their cherished companion gets the medical attention he or she needs, without delay. But the staggering cost of vet bills can make this difficult, if not impossible. A personal loan can be used to fund necessary medical treatment for a pet, improving and even saving their life.

To Further Their Education

Obtaining a higher education can be expensive, which compels many students to get personal loans. These loans are applied to books, personal computers, and other materials that they need to thrive in the classroom. This makes a personal loan an investment into one’s own future.

To Have Their Dream Wedding/Honeymoon

Personal loans have saved many special days by furnishing couples with the funds needed to handle the expenses that come with this type of celebration. Vendors, venues, caterers and decoration all cost money, and the bills can pile up fast. So, it’s no surprise that many brides and grooms have used personal loans to fund one or more aspect of their wedding or honeymoon.

To Pay Off a Loved One

It’s not uncommon to get financial help from friends and family members, but it’s also not uncommon for these loans to put stress on a relationship. A person can use a personal loan to pay off those who have helped them in the past, thus restoring the friendship or family relationship.

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There are few things in life that stress people out as much as money does. Don’t let the burden of your financial obligations crush you just because you’re waiting on a payday. A personal loan from Blue Fevr can restore your peace and give you the confidence to move forward with a smile. Contact us today to see how we can change your life.